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This article describes a simple Shamanic Journey that will help those who have never had any experience of Journeying before.

It will help to have a quiet space somewhere. Maybe you have your own meditation space or another sacred place. Somewhere that you can light a candle safely and maybe burn some incense or sage

Journeying requires the development of your imagination. When we are kids generally we imagine naturally. However, this can disappear when we become more involved in the striving world we know today. Imagination can use all of our senses; some people can see, hear, feel and smell when imagining.

The Journey I will describe is like a short story. It should be read and remembered so you can repeat it with ease.

It is sometimes good to have an intention, something you want to find out the answer to. In this case I suggest a meeting with your Power Animal. Hold this intention lightly though, to allow for surprises!


The Journey

Start playing the Journeying for Life CD or Whichever MP3 Track you like , allowing some time for you to settle. Focus on the reverberation of the drum instead of the beat.

You are walking through a forest, one that you have either been in before or an imagined one.

Feel that you are there as your feet move through the lush green grass. It is late spring time and the bluebells are beginning to bloom. You can smell their nurturing aroma which fills you with beauty and freshness.

In front you see a great oak tree, old and wise. There is a gentle breeze which creates a soothing rustling of its branches and leaves.

You notice a doorway to the inside of the tree.

As you sit in front of the door contemplating your intention to meet your current Power Animal, you feel a great reverence, excitement and an openness in meeting a being who represents your core power.

You now feel ready to enter but first you must knock on the tree three times. A being will come to the door to guide you through.

As you walk through the door you are guided towards a spiral staircase going downwards into the roots of the tree.

As you start to step down you say goodbye to the guardian of the door.

The staircase is lit with traditional flame torches. Step by step, you feel your breathing relax more and more as you trust that whatever happens is for your greatest good.

When you reach the bottom you see a tunnel also lit by torches, and at the end a bright opening. You walk closer and closer to the light and start to smell fresh, clean, invigorating air. You breathe this in, letting it fill every cell in your body.

You walk through the rocky opening into a grassy pasture, noticing a dense forest on the horizon.

As you walk across the pasture to the forest take in your surroundings. Being able to see the horizon gives you a feeling of being open and free.

You reach the edge of the forest, where it seems to be gently calling on you to enter.

As you walk through the forest you are aware of the many creatures living there in peace and harmony with their environments. You too feel a sense of peace, harmony and belonging.

As you near the far edge of the forest you start to see a loch surrounded by mountains. The water is like a mirror as you can see the mountains’ reflection.

Feeling that you are at your destination, you sit on a large rock and decide to also look at your own reflection in the water. What you see looking back at you surprises you; it is your Power Animal friend.

Your Power Animal now greets you as you feel this great core connection. You feel a sense of wholeness as your friend now informs you of what you need to know.

Your Power Animal stays for a while, letting you know that you are now in direct contact with their power and love once again.

As you thank them and say goodbye, you decide to sit on the rock for a while integrating your experience by sitting in silence.

You now hear the drum beat change to four loud beats. It is now time to make your way back to the tree. Walk back through the forest and across the pasture.

Enter the tunnel entrance that is surrounded by rocks.

Walk through the tunnel and up the spiral staircase.

You meet the guardian of the doorway again. You thank them and they leave you with their love as you walk back through the door.


Now start to wiggle you hands and toes, take a few deep breaths and slowly start to become mobile again.

Get yourself a cup of tea and something nice to eat.

Some things to note

  • Journeying starts of with the use of imagination then it takes on a life of its own. So trust what appears in your journey.
  • The critical mind will interfere by asking questions about what you are seeing during the Journey. This will generally stop the Journey. You will overcome this through practice and training to be a witness.
  • Have a notebook so you can write down details of your Journey. Everything you see, feel and hear will be relevant.
  • There will be times where Journeying will be hard, and times when it will be easy.
  • Journeying in a group can be easier. And it’s good to have the support.
  • Journeying doesn’t always have to be structured, as in having to follow a story as above. Sometimes you go where you need to go without any interference from the conscious mind.

Do not use the Journeying CD/mp3 as a means of self-medication. If you have issues seek help from a suitable Health Professional.

Single drumming sample

Double Drumming Sample


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