From the beginning of time medicine people have been called to make new paths through the jungle of human consciousness

These paths always lead to the same origin. No matter what the route they always come back to the same source.

The source, that is at the heart of every living thing.

These medicine people come with medicine bags full of tools to cut through physical, psychological and spiritually perceived blocks and closed doors.

With a song or two these doors can re-open and the flow into the mystery of being ness continues.

A path that takes us into the moment to moment reality of being. The only reality that is truly present, this is where the future grows from. The truly nothingness of the present moment.

To be in the present moment the past has to be understood in a certain way that promotes the stillness of the present moment. The continuous loop of the past has to be cut.

The songs that allow the past to be cut come from the medicine persons own journey into the great stillness. The songs are empowered by the source of everything.

They will allow the creator within to create once again. To create with consciousness. To create beauty.

The songs are conduits for our power animals and plant Totems. The meeting of these divine teachers are very auspicious, they can help us see what our strengths and weaknesses are and the love that exist within both. They can show us what lessons and patterns that we are not quite aware of.

They are true holders of medicine and have always been with us. Just a shift in perspective will be enough to re-open communication.

The communication that we probably had when were children.

We must become child like again, with innocence and an inquisitive attitude.

Medicine Within