We live on a planet with many spiritual presences from the plants, trees animals and rocks to the human. Our aim is to work in co-operation with all helping spiritual influences to create the highest healing possible. To help in the understanding that this is not “New age”, that it is ancient from the beginning of time. The ancients understood what we were in the grand scheme of things; they understood that all living things are our family, our brothers and sisters.

We understand that this is alien and down right scary to some people and this was the demise of the Celtic way of life due to external influences coming to the land and forcing them into a less natural way of living. The problem still exists to some extent, we have spent so long from this way of living and we try and explain everything with science and logical thinking which is not possible yet!.

We are mentioning this because all illness has a spiritual aspect; more and more illnesses you will find never existed in ancient times. If you can imagine a life full of purpose and creativity and understanding that we are never alone. Then you can imagine that most problems that we have today in society would be very much diminished. People would be happier and would have more energy to help each other.

The healings that we provide are all done in a creative unique way for each individual .It is more a facilitation than a healing because it enables the client to find what they are looking for or to find out the source of the problem. This enables them to move forwards consciously with insight into what they need to do. On the other hand what happens all depends on your mind set and intention? If you come looking for some relaxation and de-stressing, you will receive this. On the other had if you come with a genuine heartfelt need for change on some level; well the result could be infinite.

Celtic Medicine – Shamanic Healing – Self Awareness