John comes from a practical background in Engineering. For 20 years his work as an engineer mostly involved solving electrical and software issues in the Electricity generation industry.
He viewed most of the issues from an intuitive stance or an unconventional viewpoint allowing him to rewire or modify software to allow proper functionally of the apparatus.

There became a point where he questioned his own existence, which was the beginning of his “self” discovery.
For the past 20 years the task was of his own rewiring.

This process of rewiring brought him to understand many levels of human existence. Which were spiritual, psychological and physical in nature.

All of these levels within him went through many stages of death and rebirth. For something new to emerge the old had to be transformed.

He has worked with shamans of the Peruvian Amazon. Immersing himself in their powerful healing ceremonies. Most of the methods of healing he works with have been learnt from these Curandero of the Amazon region. Their methods are earth based medical practices which help us enter a space of silence where release of what isn’t required anymore can happen.
He has also studied with energetic body workers who were disciplined in acupressure, freeing up the energy lines and internal organs of our bodies. This is where he learnt the Eastern 5 element medical theory.
For 20 years he has also practiced Wu style Tai Qi and various styles of Qi Gong (energy work).

His main focus is to know thyself as this is the only way to rewire and change behaviour long term. So his healing sessions are psycho/spirit in nature.

He now provides Shamanic healing, ceremony, workshops and self awareness sessions in Scotland and on his travels.